The LuLaRoe Craze – Alternative [Cheaper] Options

Recently I have seen LuLaRoe clothing campaigns EVERYWHERE.  I know I have written about all things ‘pyramid scheme’ before here (Tupperware, candles, makeup, makeup, makeup, jewelry, fitness programs, etc), but I just wanted to address LuLaRoe specifically for this.  To be honest, I have never been interested in purchasing anything LuLa, and not just because everything they sell [I think] is way overpriced… $70 for a knee-length cardigan, $60 for a maxi dress, $55 for a dress, $35 for a shirt, $25 for a pair of “buttery soft” leggings… But I got to thinking, IF I saw something I liked, in general, the first thing I would do is look for deals, sales, coupons, and dupes. Figuring I’m not alone in this, I googled “LuLaRoe dupe” and got a LOT of results.

This post, “Cheaper Alternatives to LuLaRoe” from the blog, “The Million Dollar Mama” was one that I found that gave some great alternative options – some less than half the price of LuLa!


*Last thought, I just don’t see how marketing leggings as “one size” is a good idea… how can you tell me a size 0 and a size 14 can wear the same size leggings successfully? They would be too loose or too tight… ‘but they’re stretchy!’ Okay, so then they’d either be stretched really thin on larger sizes – making the patterns skewed or the pants very see-through (we’ve all seen that situation played out in real life…) – or they’d have to make them very thick [for the smaller bodies] so that they didn’t stretch so thin for larger bodies.  I know that there are a lot of opinions about sizing of women’s clothing in general, but I just don’t see how one size.. fits all.



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