Fun Finds

This will be short and quite random (as are most ‘finds’ are), but I’ve been meaning to post these pictures for some time now and keep forgetting!

About a month ago I went shopping for a pair of jeans after a neighbor’s dog ripped my favorite pair. After 4 stores I hadn’t found any but did come away with a few small items from the home goods section of TJ Maxx… they keep pants in that section, right?

There were a lot of after-Christmas clearance tables and racks full of odds and ends towards the back as they were clearing out and bringing in more summery things (what?!). I’ve got to say I am not a candle person. I own maybe 4 total and those I have accumulated over at least 10 years. Seriously. A (very) past boyfriend’s mother sold Mia Bella candles at one point and he wanted to give me one so I smelled about 20 until I found one I actually liked. Its a 16oz jar that sits by the tub and has been lit probably 15 times so it’s still hanging around.
I came upon a stand of nothing but candles I picked a few up but wasn’t overly interested. I can’t imagine spending $12 (on sale) on a Yankee Candle when there are cheaper options that are also large and smell great. Not to mention, again, I’m not really a candle person. That being said, 2 of my candles I do own are from Makers of Wax Goods and I LOVE the smell, so when I saw a bunch of these same 7.6oz candles I was very happy. They had 6 candles in 4 scents – and I purchased 3 of them on sale at $4.00 each! Online they sell for $22.00 (I got mine previously at a small gift shop type place for much less).
I picked up “Ambered Teak” in the orange, “Wild Kelp” in the green, and another “Blue Marine Agave” in the blue. Both of mine at home are “Blue Marine Agave” and live in my office, but I love them so I got another for elsewhere in the house. The 4th scent was a “Vanilla Bourbon Tonka” but I am just not a vanilla scent [in anything] person.

The 3 new ones plus the 2 I already owned

After the candles I browsed the tables set out. There were lone spatulas and lamp shades, and toddler sized pajamas and Christmas themed towels. As I decided it was time to leave I saw a box of random greeting cards. I looked through and pulled out a few each priced at $1.00 down from $5. Normally I would not buy these fancy cards with bits stuck to the front and protected by plastic sleeves – I stick to drug stores, department stores, and dollar store options – but at $1 a piece I bought 5! That’s 5 for the price of one! So, if you’re having a birthday, getting married, or having a baby any time soon maybe you’ll receive one 😉

img_2625 img_2626

img_2628 img_2629
And that’s it! Candles and Cards. I told you it was random! I don’t have the receipt anymore, but all totaled I spent $17 and some change.


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