You Guessed it… Kohls!

I swear I shop elsewhere! I don’t even shop at Kohls all that often – I just only ever remember to do these posts while I’m at Kohls for some reason.


The Mr. gave me some Kohls Cash he earned buying PJs for me 🙂  I thought I’d brave the after Christmas crowds and see if there were any good sales yet. I was really hopeful when I found 7 things to bring into the fitting room, but as usual I didn’t walk out with 7.

I am in desperate need of work pants so I brought in 3 pairs.  The first wasn’t my size, but on sale for $13.20 I gave it a shot anyway. They actually weren’t too big anywhere (Hello, hips!) except in the waist which wouldn’t work even with a belt.  The only smaller size I saw on the rack was blatantly too small so these Joe B trousers were a “No”.


The second pair I had high hopes for as I am putting a lot of pressure (literally!) on the two black pairs I currently own. A plain pair of Candie’s black pants for $8.80, but they were too small. No way around that issue. Another “No”.


The last pair I tried on was another by Joe B and were black with very small white dots.  These fit, but had no fly with a lot of extra fabric in the ‘crotch region’ so I just didn’t like how they looked…there.  I tried to take a picture of it at this super unflattering angle, but anyway, they were a sad “No”.


This Candies top is similar in style to a My Michelle top I purchased in a previous trip. It has a lace detail on the back and was on sale for $7.80.  It fit and would be fine for work with a cami underneath (it’s rather low-cut), but I didn’t end up getting it.  I don’t really know if I had a particular reason for not getting it, I just didn’t. So there’s that.


Although this Candies sleeveless top fit perfectly, would be good with a cardigan for work, and was on sale for $6.80, I didn’t get it because I realized while I was trying it on that I have one almost identical to it in my closet at home… Guess I know what I like!


This purple knit bare-shoulders top, also from Candies, fit… It wasn’t tight. However it also was not loose – it isn’t intended to be – and I wish that it were. It is the type of top where you’ve got to either have zero extra anything on your midsection or be uber confident with what you do have.  I am neither of those things, apparently.  I’m certainly not on here all woah is me, this size small makes my tummy roll show! But I am certainly not on here saying I want to flaunt it I still considered it because since it is completely see through (hello, holes) I would wear a tank top under it, and I thought maybe that would make me feel more comfortable with it. I carried it around after I left the dressing room while I pondered, but I thought


And what would a trip to Kohls be without picking up a workout tank top for crazy cheap?  I actually purchased this same one months ago, but at under $3 can you ever have too many?


After all was said and done, the only thing I got from the above articles of clothing was that pink tank top.  I also got an open front cardigan that I didn’t take a picture of and can’t find on their website so I guess you’ll have to use your imagination for now.

The tank was $2.80
The cardigan was $17.60

I had $10 in Kohls Cash and a 15% off promotion bringing my total to $9 something.

I also didn’t take a picture of the receipt (if there isn’t a picture it didn’t happen!).  I really slacked this time around haha


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