Kohls [Again] Sales Rack Haul

Okay so this time I didn’t have any ‘Kohls Cash’ (insert sad face here), but I did do some sales rack shopping… Here’s how it went.

After browsing only the sales racks I found six things that were both priced low enough and my size (as I’ve mentioned before, Kohls is notorious for having clothing that is one size on a hanger that says a different size… annoying).

6 pieces to try on… Oh boy, here we go!

First up is this My Michelle top for work.  I wasn’t sure about the zipper pockets on the chest, but they didn’t really stand out when I was wearing it. It fit, and at 80% off for a price of $8.00 I put it in the ‘buy’ pile.
Upon looking at my receipt I saw that it rang up as a Juniors blouse, but I did find it on a sales rack in the Women’s department with another of the same shirt in a different color and size.


Next up is this APT.9 pencil skirt.  I was hesitant about even taking this one into the dressing room with me because I thought it wouldn’t be flattering… horizontal stripes on an already hip-accentuating skirt sounds like a terrible idea.  However, the vertical stripes down the sides really break up any negative effect the horizontal ones might have.
It fit and at %70 off for $10.80 (so I thought) it went in the ‘buy’ pile as well.
*This skirt actually rang up at $7.20 – yay for a bigger discount!*


I then tried on this bright pink Jennifer Lopez top.  Normally hot pink isn’t my color, nor is this style of top, but I had a specific outfit in mind for it.  It is a flowy, 2 layered shirt with ‘winged’ sleeves and it is somewhere between a normal length and cropped, falling just below the natural waist.  I liked it, and it was on sale for $19.20, but it had all these little pulls all over it.  I don’t know if it was purchased previously and returned or what, but it was not in good condition.  I did not see another top of this style in any color else where in the store.  I did not purchase it.


Next up is another item in a style I generally never wear – a romper (as we call them here in the US).  I have a long torso which makes finding rompers that fit right difficult.  Well I saw this Jennifer Lopez romper and thought I’d give it a shot.  It’s polyester so it could easily be dressed up and its thin, not lined.  It has long sleeves that can be rolled and buttoned up and [my favorite] pockets.  This particular one was wrinkly, but nothing a steam can’t fix.  Surprisingly I liked it and at %80 off for $14.00 I decided to branch out and put it in the ‘buy’ pile.


This dress.  Oh, this Love Fire dress. No.  I had high hopes at this simple and cheap! (90% off!) dress.  But, no.  It fit, but it was NOT flattering. The cut and material combined to be truly evil – showing off every lump, bump, line, roll, dimple, freckle… okay I might be exaggerating, but only slightly.  It did not love me and I took it off quickly.  So sad to say no at a $3.60 price point.


Last but not least I ended on a high note!  I love tank tops in the style and material as this SO(?) one to work out in.  I definitely got this one but I had to splurge… 90% off for a whopping $1.40! Yes please!
Again, after checkout I saw that this is a Juniors top but I found it on a sales rack in the Women’s section.


So here is the final receipt for my 4 purchases.


I’d say it was a success!


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