Kohls Sales Rack Haul

I had $40.00 Kohl’s cash from a previous purchase of a carpet cleaner.  Seriously.  So since it is only good until tomorrow I thought I better use it or lose it!

Shopping at Kohl’s is always annoying to me to be honest for two reasons; 1. Nothing is ever on the correct hanger, so just because a hanger says one size you still have to look at the tag because chances are really good that the article of clothing is a different size.  2. Just because something is on a rack that says one thing about the price does not mean that the piece of clothing is that price – sale or otherwise.  But I digress… I managed to get 6 things for the $40.00 Kohl’s cash and $3.37 out of pocket.


I got a pair of pants originally $60.00 for $6.00, three tank tops for the gym – 2 originally $14.00 each for $4.20 and 1 originally $14.00 for $2.80 (two of them were priced at $2.80, but when I got to the register one them rang up as $4.20 instead), a shirt originally $24.00 for $13.99, and a sweatshirt originally $20.00 for $11.99.






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