Lumberjack Dessert Table

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I am absolutely in love with this cake. I know that red plaid aka buffalo plaid has recently become a trendy pattern for just about everything, but for me it’s nothing new.  Growing up in the middle of no where in the “frozen tundra” meant that buffalo plaid flannel was a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, so when I saw a picture of this cake on another blogger’s Facebook I HAD to track-down where it came from.
Turns out this particular picture itself came from a baker/author/stylist named Jenny and was part of a whole Lumberjack themed party.  I have included the link to the story on her site, Jenny Cookies, so that you can see the whole display she had.  I also took a look around her page while I was there and definitely found more amazing work.  You should all go check it out!
But as I read her post I found out that she was not the original creator of this cake, and followed her link to the original tutorial by Sugar Geek Show.  That being said, if you like to learn via video, I included one below by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio that is great!

Happy Caking!


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