Lammily Fashion Doll


It’s no secret that Barbie has a body that isn’t realistic – if even possible.  What message are we sending to our children when we give them toys that tell them they don’t measure up? That is the exact issue that the company Lammily wanted to address when they set out to create positive toys.
The Lammily doll is the first fashion doll made according to typical human body proportions to promote realistic beauty standards and help your child develop a positive body image!”
Finally there is a doll with proportions that actual humans have!  One of the best parts is that they have created the marks pack which enables you to give your doll freckles, scars, cellulite, grass stains, tattoos, stitches, and etc. None of the outfits that are available to purchase are overly revealing and include sets like yoga clothes and a Rosie the Riveter outfit.  They even made a Period Party pack to help girls learn about their menstrual cycles!

I know this post has a “review” feel to it, but I chose to talk about these dolls here and not in the review section because I don’t own one, nor do I know anyone who does, to properly review it.  However, I am a huge fan of this product and this idea of realistic and positive dolls in general, so I wanted to talk about it.

Also, check out this infographic (and article Dying to be Barbie that it is part of) from  It’s ridiculous to say the least….



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